Omni Air Transport is committed to our family of employees, our neighbors and our environment. Healthy staff morale and a positive company culture are critical to us in achieving our service goals, and we are committed to each and every employee to ensure their happiness translates into your satisfaction.

We are also committed to our environment and its preservation. We have established very aggressive recycling efforts, both in the workplace and on-board our aircraft, to do our part on this front. We have also joined other Oklahoma leaders and PSO in support of energy production using renewable wind power. As a WindChoice Leadership Partner, Omni Air Transport is receiving 100 percent pure wind power so that we may positively impact our future as we move toward less dependence on fossil fuels.

Most importantly, we have partnered with terrapass, a nationally-recognized environmental leader, to help fund carbon reduction projects through carbon offset investments. With programs specifically designed for aviation, any charter client who would like to participate in this initiative can do so through a nominal fee on each gallon of fuel used in flight.

At Omni Air Transport, we believe the strength of our service is in our employees, our community and our respect for the environment. We look forward to honoring our commitments to all three as we continue to grow.