Omni Air Transport has a long tradition of industry-leading flight operations and achieving the highest standards in aviation safety and best practices, and we are proud to be recognized for this accomplishment by the three safety accrediting organizations in the aviation industry that are considered the pinnacle for charter operators: ARGUS, International Business Aviation Council and Wyvern.

All three organizations are widely recognized as the most thorough and rigorous certification authorities in the private air industry along the lines of aircraft reliability, aircrew training, maintenance consistency, operational support and client service.

Omni Air Transport, having all three accreditations (ARGUS Platinum, IS- BAO Certified and Wyvern Wingman), and most recently the Department of Defense (DOD) accreditation as a preferred domestic charter airlift service provider, is placed in the very top tier of private air operators throughout the industry.

We also have monthly, company-wide safety meetings and weekly executive safety reviews to provide regular oversight and a system of “checks and balances” for our overall safety program. Combine that level of scrutiny with 32 years average experience in our full-time maintenance staff and over 7,500 average flight hours per pilot (bolstered by rigorous, annual recurrent training commitments), and you have an aviation safety program that truly offers you enduring peace of mind as our customer.