Whether you plan to operate your aircraft exclusively for personal and business use or as part of our professional charter fleet, Omni Air Transport can provide you with a portfolio of support services to optimize your ownership, travel and investment.

We currently operate a wide range of state-of-the-art, executive-style aircraft and are proud to record an average, enduring tenure of 15 years with our long-term management clients.

We offer all of our managed aircraft clients professional aircrew services with substantial savings in recurrent aircrew training expense, discounted fuel contracts, affordable fleet insurance options, hangar accommodations, skilled maintenance support, inspection/upgrade coordination and, of course, revenue opportunity through our charter program.

And, on the charter side, Omni Air Transport’s industry-recognized commitment to safety, service and reliability has positioned the company very effectively with national charter brokers and leading fractional operators to ensure optimum aircraft utilization and cost offsets for all of its managed aircraft clients.